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Becoming an RYA instructor is a deliberately rigorous process which helps ensure the integrity of the RYA training system.  It is also an evolving process which requires periodic re-assessments in order to ensure instructors remain current and competent.  As a result, RYA instructors are considered among the best in the world of boat training.

Fintan Hartnett

Principal & Chief Instructor

RYA Yachtmaster Instructor for sail and power, Advanced Powerboat Instructor and professional sailor for almost 20 years. Fin has worked as a delivery skipper, charter captain and Instructor in South Africa, the Seychelles, the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Fin is also an ASA and Sail Canada instructor.

Joel Taylor

RYA Cruising Instructor

RYA Cruising Instructor and professional sailor. ASA and Sail Canada instructor. Acknowledged by the American Sailing Association where he was one of their top-rated instructors in 2019. He has sailed extensively in the Caribbean, the west coast of North America and the Great Lakes.

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